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Silent Utterance

My experience is that our divine navigation system, the heart doesn’t speak to us through words that are used for the mind. I believe that the message that comes from the Self, from the inner Being, has its own language. I have a name for that: Silent Utterance. It is a voice without the words that can be identified by the mind. Silent utterance guides you with the language of the heart. Through the process of your self inquiry you are going to learn this language and understand its message.

Self Realization

Awakening from the conditioned mind is realization of the Self. It is the only way to take man back to his original state and taste liberation and freedom for the first time: liberation from conditioned mind; freedom from bonds, which have enslaved mankind.

In other words, if we take a deep look into this phenomenon, we will see that all human beings desire nothing but freedom of the soul and permanent happiness. But to achieve them, man - due to his conditioned mind - approaches the outer world and seeks them in material possessions and in establishing personal relationships. Though material world and personal relationships bring about comfort, man cannot achieve contentment and inner joy through comfort, which is only able to support and preserve his physical aspect.

As long as man is involved with this mechanical habit of mind, the dissatisfaction will appear in form of psychological or mental suffering. Man can stay either in this ignorance, suffering and slavery all his life or he can start an inner psychological revolution or transformation and come to awakening from the phenomena called conditioned mind. The conditioned mind which is imposed during the childhood and all along life through family, society or environment bonds, has created an entity called identity or personality.

By contemplating on this entity you will see that the imaginary personality is very close to man and guides him just like a computer software, with no possibility to interfere. The conditioned programs appear in form of thoughts, feelings or behaviors and persuade the person to believe in and pay attention to the emotional and mental activities.


As opposed to this imaginary mind which appears one moment and disappears another moment, is the nature of man which neither appears nor disappears. It has been and will be always there. This true nature is happiness, love, consciousness and it is the true state and face of man which is devoid of all mental bonds and frames. In fact human nature can not be contained in a special name and form.


Freedom or awakening happens as a result of diverting the attention from conditioned mind to the true nature of man. This shift can be accomplished through various means.

One of the direct ways is to take a deep look inside and ask ”Who Am I?”. A deep look and this question can surprisingly direct man’s life towards freedom, happiness and a life devoid of any kind of suffering and bring him closer to his original state and true nature or even make him return there.​


When your attention is on the Self, there is silence and peace. When your attention is on the Self, you realize that peace and love is everywhere. The path is not about finding Love, it is about your attention to Love. Love is always present, you can see it as peace, as silence, as your own Self. This is another way of describing happiness. Happiness appears when you don’t go with the story, you don’t go with the happening, with the activity, when you keep your attention on your Self. What needs to be responded, you respond to it at the moment, what needs to be said, you say it spontaneously at the moment. You can laugh, you can cry, you can be angry, you can be joyful. Just return back again and again to the center and you will see that there is place only for One. Only one Love, only one happiness exists there. The flood of thoughts and emotions, the usual inner dialogue disappears, and you experience absolute silence. If you find your way back to your Self again and again, you will learn by time never to leave. And then you will realize, that if you don’t leave home, you don’t need anything anymore. What you need is exactly what exists right now. This is freedom.

My questions is that by changing our personality we don’t only acquire new conditions instead of the old ones?

You cannot change your personality.

It is very important to realize that there is a character and there is a person. But personality is different. The person and the personality are not the same. The person is sitting here, but where is the personality? The personality is memory, it is experience. Personality is what you call me, I. But there is something called character. This character is basically you operating truly in existence. So if you realize that in reality there is no such thing as personality, then your actions will start to take place in the moment. You will not react in the situations conditionally, you will respond to them instead. Reaction means a reflex to some action. When you are reacting, you are related to the past, because a reaction is always based on some past memory. But when you respond it is from the here and now, it is empty from the past.

What you call personality is nothing but a particular code, particular patterns that you use in particular situations. So if you find yourself speaking differently, acting, or responding differently in a given situation, then I believe you will look differently also to what you call personality. The whole idea of spirituality is to come beyond this understanding, this belief that I am somebody, that I am a personality. All your barriers, all your blocks, all your issues are related to the belief that you are somebody and you have a personality, and this personality needs to be fixed, or changed.

I don’t suggest to you to become a better person. I suggest you to be. I would like you to drop this idea, that something is wrong with me, and so I need to be treated. I am not good, and I would like to be good. You need to understand the fundamental, essential difference, because the quality of your questions will change. Right now all of you look at yourselves as a personality, as a story.

It is important to enquire deep, to ask questions. But if you understand the mystery, the new perspective of the phenomenon called personality, then lot of questions will fall away. I am not saying that your questions are wrong, but your questions now don’t guide you, because the fundamental direction is not clear.

What you really want your mind cannot figure out. What is important for your being is different than what is important for yourself. When you say important for yourself it means you are talking about your ego, your mind. When you say important for my being it means that you refer to your real Self. Your conditioned mind, your ego controls you, grabs You. You as the Self, you as a diamond, you as light. Your real desire is to come out of this cover, the blocks caused by the arrogance and ignorance of the mind. You express this by saying: „I want to know my Self, I want to discover my diamond.”

“You are awareness itself. All your life you have been trained to believe that you are your personality, your stories, your emotions and thoughts. It is not easy to realize who you really are, what is your true nature because by now this phenomenon called „I” grew strong and took over you. But who is this „I”? This question will guide you to the source of all your troubles. When this sense of „I” disappears, what remains is pure awareness, that is truth, peace and love. This is the path of self discovery.”

We have a very particular definition of things because of our education, because of our life.  You learnt, that if you want something, you can ask for it. Anything, anytime, when you need something, you can ask. But asking has another dimension also. We call it prayer. When you ask, but you don't want to get anything. When you don't go after a particular thing. I call it prayer, I call it meditation. Jiaido is this, Jiaido is based on that. Jiaido is not fitness, it's not some kind of Hollywood martial art. Every moment you go to the dojo you pray. Dojo is a place for realization, enlightenment. Place for practice. In zen it means a place for enlightenment, awakening, practice. Not a place for kicking and punching. Yes, you have to ask. But when you are in the world, and from the world, don't ask for too much. Ask for a little bit. But when you are in the heart, and you ask from the heart, ask as much as you can. Ask for the ultimate. You will receive it. You will be it. Depends on where you are. Depends from where you look. If you are in the mind, you will be confused. If you stay in the heart, you will be the heart.

You ask every moment. Asking is breathing. You are breathing every moment. That is asking. Be aware, breathe aware! Therefore you practice Jiaido.

This meeting is interesting for those who are really interested in finding out who they are, where they are, what they are. You don't need to have a particular relation with Ajiit. I am not a friend the way you know a friend. I don't have friends. I don't need a buddy. If you are here, I enjoy you. I share with you. If you are not, no problem. This freedom is what all of you are looking for. That is happiness. All humanity is looking for that. But of course they are not aware of that. We are educated, we learnt to look in things, under the things for this freedom. Anything we move is empty, we cannot find it there. But on the other hand I am your friend. The ultimate friend. The ultimate friend you cannot choose or throw out. I am always with you. In different shape, with different face, under a Different name. That is the truth, the truth you can never escape. You cannot close your mouth and stop breathing. After a few minutes you must inhale. So please don't look to the form, to the name. If you go, no problem. Because I come with you. But not with this form. You cannot run away from yourself. I will be happy if you go with yourself. That is the whole point, therefore we created such a method. Very beautiful, effective method which teaches you to go with yourself, everywhere, anytime. A method that teaches you how to love yourself. This is what Jiaido means. If one, or even two, if this time two of you will go with his own self, I have done my job, I will be very happy. Even one.

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