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There are regular events, retreats, self-discovery meetings and workshops for you to meet Ajiit.

You are welcome to join any of the programs.

Self-Discovery Meetings 

Regular Self-Discovery Meetings with Ajiit to deepen your understanding of yourself and life through a holistic approach.

20 June 2024


Mauna Retreats

The retreat is a chance to resign from our habitual life and focus on self-discovery. Retreat is the first step of the spiritual journey.

19-21 July 2024


JIAIDO Retreat

JIAIDO offers a new way of living. The retreat combines theory and practice to experience holistic development on all levels of your being.

23-26 May 2024


A New Chapter Retreat

Are you ready to start a new chapter with your partner? Rediscover love, connection and growth during this transformative retreat.

23-29 August 2024


Intensive Retreat - India

A direct guidance to the state of surrender and liberation in the one week intensive retreat.

Are you ready to become free?

20-26 January 2025

3-9 March 2025


Arunachala Retreat

"Who am I?" The Arunachala Retreat with Ajiit's guidance is a chance to go beyond the personal stories and discover our true nature. 

1-16 February 2025

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