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JIAIDO Retreat - Mauna House
23-26 May 2024
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The JIAIDO retreat provides a great opportunity for all active practitioners to deepen their practical and teoretical knowledge and technique, to build team spirit and learn how to cooperate with each other.

You can join as a beginner or andvanced practititoner, and immerse deeply in the spirit of JIAIDO.


During these intensive three days we use all tools of the holistic art of JIAIDO method, to understand and experience its effect on our being, including the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. Some parts of JIAIDO is hard to practice in the dojo in Budapest, but the retreat offers a full insight to the system, including Tai Sabaki, Ate Bodywork, pair work, creativity, archery, music, breathing exercises, silent meditations. 


The retreats are led by the founding master of JIAIDO, Ajiit, who will support us not only in the technical progress but also to gain insight into the philosophy and essence of JIAIDO.


The program takes place in the natural and peaceful environment of Mauna House. For the 2-3 practices a day an outdoor area and a covered dojo are also available.

The menu is vegetarian, three times a day, prepared by ourselves.

Date: 23-26 May 2024

Location: Mauna House, Hungary

For further information and registration please contact

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