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A New Chapter Retreat for Couples

23-29 August 2024
16-22 September 2024

Do you feel that something is missing in your relationship?

Are you ready to start a new chapter with your partner?

Rediscover love, connection and growth in your relationship during a transformative,

one-week retreat with your partner.

Why New Chapter Retreat?

This retreat is designed and led by Ajiit, for couples to open a new chapter in your life together, cultivating a stronger bond and a more fulfilling relationship. For that we need some fundamental elements and tools.


The main point of the retreat is to realize that self-knowledge is the foundation for a healthy and thriving partnership.


Therefore you will be guided through specifically designed activities and meetings to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner. By knowing yourself on a profound level, you can authentically connect with your partner from a place of stability and clarity.


The other fundamental principle is the art of loving without expectation, building a relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and a genuine desire for each other's growth. 

During this one week you'll explore the concept of an untraditional relationship, challenging societal norms and discovering new ways to create a balanced dynamic between masculine and feminine energies, free from the abuse of power. 

This will remove the conflicts and bring clarity and flow to your relationship and you can start a new chapter together, where you can live naturally, without the games and strategies of the past.

Fundamental principles of the Retreat

  1. Art of self expression and art of listening and absorbing

  2. Developing the ability of common sense 

  3. Using the tool of communication and self expression instead of creating a plan and strategy to achieve our needs

  4. Understanding the different aspects of conscious touch, intimacy and sexuality

  5. Art of loving without expectations

  6. Balancing the masculine and feminine energy in the relationship

  7. Understanding cooperation and direction

  8. Independency in the relationship and the ability to give space for ourselves and the partner

Retreat Program

  • Daily Self-knowledge Meetings with Ajiit, to delve deep into your individual and shared journeys, uncovering hidden aspects of yourselves, as individuals and as partners.

  • JIAIDO movement meditation - a powerful practice to awaken your inner power and bring the attention to the present moment - the Here and Now.

  • Engaging in creative activities to encourage self-expression and playfulness.

  • The unique bodywork method of JIAIDO Ate based on the power of conscious touch allows you to connect deeper with each other on the physical and emotional level. 

  • Sharing the experience with other couples allows you to take part in a community of like-minded people, where you can share and learn from each other. 

Facility and accommodation

The retreat takes place in our beautiful retreat center, the Mauna House. Mauna House was established in 2011 for a holistic way of living and personal and self-development.  The center has hosted many spiritual and artistic retreats and programs throughout the years. It ensures the perfect environment for self-discovery and inner transformation.


In order to make the retreat more effective, the maximum number of participants is 10 people, that is 5 couples.


We offer you two delicious vegetarian meals (breakfast and dinner) during the day, with a snack or soup at lunchtime. 

What is a retreat?

Retreat is a term that we use to describe a period of time when we consciously step away from our everyday routines and patterns. Throughout our lives, we accumulate various patterns and conditions that can sometimes create issues and disturbances in our relationships, including the one with our partner. This is where a retreat becomes essential. During a retreat, we allow ourselves the space and time to change and transform. It is an opportunity to break free from these patterns and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, both individually and as a couple. 

Why is a couple retreat necessary?

At the beginning of a love relationship, we feel completed and alive, but very soon we start to expect from the other something that we cannot give to ourselves. We wish the other could read our minds, and love us in the way that we desire. Unfortunately  we all carry traumas and painful experiences from the past, from way before our relationship started and these unconscious memories create obstacles in our self expression, independence, in our ability to give space to ourselves and each other in a relationship. There is a gap in us and we expect the partner to fill this gap but because we are not aware of it, we are not able to express it clearly.


Therefore we start to use some strategies to achieve our needs, the same strategies that we used in all our lives to survive. In the long term, the strategies turn into games that both partners need to participate in to keep the relationship going. As a result we lose the natural connection and it takes a lot of effort to keep things stable. Soon we find ourselves lonely in the relationship. We start to miss the original pure love and most of the time we blame the partner or blame ourselves for losing it.

Now imagine if as individuals we were aware of our needs and desires and we were able to consciously express them and without strategies, without expectations, connect to ourselves and our partner.

And what would happen if both of you could come to this level of honesty and independence, and meet each other in this state? 

A whole new world could open up in the relationship, a completely new chapter. 

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