Dear Visitor,
We are sorry to inform you, that due to the current situation of lockdowns for Covid 19,
the 2022 Indian Retreat with Ajiit is cancelled.
For the new dates we will keep you updated according to the official information from authorities.

Indian Retreat and JIAIDO Retreat with Ajiit

Tiruvanammalai and Kovalam


Every year, Ajiit offers a 4 weeks retreat to resign from your everyday life and spend time with discovering who you really are beyond your personality and identity.


The Retreat is divided into two parts, taking place in two different locations in India.

- Indian Retreat with Ajiit, Tiruvannamalai  

- JIAIDO Retreat with Ajiit, Kerala

You can join either one of them, or both!

Conditions for participation:

If you wish to join the intensive program, you need to participate in at least 3 Mauna Retreats with Ajiit in the Mauna House beforehand. This is necessary for you to have a clear picture about Ajiit's teachings and work, and also to know the principles and regulations for his retreats. It is also important for Ajiit to know you before you join for one month, so that he can guide you matching with your personal abilities and needs.  

For more information about the Mauna Retreats click Here.


Indian Retreat with Ajiit


The 12 days retreat will be dedicated to investigate with Ajiit’s guidance the fundamental question of self inquiry: Who am I?, based on the teachings of the great Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi. The Ramana ashram, and the holy mountain of  Arunachala will be an invaluable support in this inquiry in Tiruvannamalai, where the retreat starts. This time is a great opportunity to discover the beauty of your own being and also to see what are the emotional and mental blocks that don't allow you to live this beauty in your everyday life.



Program of the Retreat

  • We start the day with Jiaido movement meditation practice on the rooftop, with the view of the Arunachala. 

  • We will have daily two meetings with Ajiit. His presence and guidance helps us go deeper into the ultimate question: Who am I? in practical terms. The meetings are great opportunity to ask your questions about the inner journey to discover yourself. 

  • Before satsangs we sing mantras together to open our heart and get in tune with our being.

  • We will spend time in the Ramana Ashram, home of the great Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi. We will it in the meditation hall, walk around his shrine, and enjoy a traditional lunch at the ashram.

  • We visit the caves of the holy mountain of Arunachala, where Ramana Maharshi spent many years alone and later with his close disciples. We will spend time there silent sitting in the caves.  

  • We prepare our breakfast together and enjoy delicious local food for dinner and lunch.

For more information and registration please contact:

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Indian Retreat 2019

The beautiful retreat with Ajiit in Tiruvannamalai focused on Self discovery on many different levels. The daily satsangs with Ajiit showed us what we really need to see in order to come beyond our invisible emotional and mental tendencies which prevent us from discovering the truth about our existence. JIAIDO movement meditation, live music, creative writing and self expression, Sufi dance meditation all guided us to the question: 'Who am I?', on the practical level in everyday life. 
The deeply spiritual atmosphere in Tiruvannamalai, the Ramana Ashram, the holy mountain of Arunachala were great support in the journey. 
Here are some of the best moments of the retreat, please, enjoy!


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Sharing from previous retreats

"The retreat brought me practical tools, methods, experiences and understandings, which can help in guiding the attention and keeping it in the state of here and now, to be present in every activity. I can see my job and responsibility in the learning process on this path, and I wish to expand this awareness more and more by bringing harmony and balance to the weekdays."


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"I spent two weeks in complete flow, attention, joy, touched and in a devoted closeness with my friends. To the top of the Arunachala we were “lifted up” by a cloud effortlessly, the ashram was nestling me, the music sessions were vibrating in harmony, and from satsang to satsang my understanding got deeper and deeper about where I am.

The Indian retreat in Tiru is a symbol of this state, but I am devoted to stay in it forever."


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"The retreat took me out from my daily routine and from this distance I could reorganize myself internally. The silent environment of Tiruvannamalai and the Ramana Ashram, Ajiit's guidance, the supporting attitude of the group brought me a peaceful inner state. 
Ajiit's pointing helps me to be in the present moment, to really participate in my own life and at the same time become less self-centered. I can see more clearly those elements in my attitude and way of looking which create difficulty or which limit my being."