Indian Retreat with Ajiit

3-28 February 2019, Tiruvanammalai and Kovalam

Join the retreat with Ajiit in India next February!

The retreat is a great opportunity to resign from your everyday life and spend three weeks with discovering who you really are beyond your personality and identity.


We are happy to inform you, that based on the experience of 2018, Ajiit has decided to reorganize the Indian Retreat for 2019, to get the most benefit for all participants. The 2019 retreat will be longer and divided into two parts, taking place in two different locations in India.

The first part (3-14 February) will be dedicated to investigate with Ajiit’s guidance the fundamental question of self inquiry: Who am I?, based on the teachings of the great Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi. The Ramana ashram, and the holy mountain of  Arunachala will be an invaluable support in this inquiry in Tiruvannamalai, where the retreat starts. This time is a great opportunity to discover the beauty of your own being and also to see what are the emotional and mental blocks that don't allow you to live this beauty in your everyday life.

The second part of the retreat (17-28 February) is when we bring our discovery and self inquiry to the practical and physical level. Ajiit created a system of movement meditation, called JIAIDO to support the process of personal and Self development. For another 10 days with intensive JIAIDO practice with Ajiit we guide the attention to the present and bring our understandings about ourselves into experience and realization. This part of the retreat will take place in the beautiful state of Kerala directly on the beach, where you can also recharge yourself with the natural environment of the ocean and sun.

You can join the first part for the second part, or can sign up for the 3 weeks retreat.

Before the retreat
If you wish to join the intensive program, it is recommended that you have a personal meeting with Ajiit beforehand. The best opportunity for this is to participate with him in a weekend retreat in the Mauna House or join his spiritual dialogue in Budapest. 

Date of the upcoming Mauna Retreat:

- 28-30 September 2018

- 16-18 November 2018

- 21-23 December 2018

Date of the next Spiritual Dialogue at Budapest:

- 11 November, 2018

Date of the next online Spiritual Dialogue:

- 9 December 2018

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