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Get to know the essence of JIAIDO directly from Ajiit
Presentation in Budapest

11-12th April, Wednesday and Thursday, from 7 pm


Ajiit created the system of JIAIDO in order to give a practical method to those, who would like to seriously work on themselves, to develop their personal abilities and get over their boundaries.

JIAIDO is a word of 3 Japanese kanjis, meaning: The path to love Oneself.

In order to step on this path, sooner or later we need to find the answer for the ultimate question of human being: Who am I? How can I step over the picture I know about myself to find who I really am beyond habits, expectations, images? What does to love Oneself mean?

The method leads its practitioners to a deeper level of self knowledge, providing a strong foundation on the personal level. This is the beginning of the spiritual journey of self discovery.

JIAIDO  first works on the three levels of body, mind and emotions in order to increase the practitioner's awareness about him/herself in a holistic way. When we becomes clear about our own individual existence, we are able to turn the attention to the spiritual level, to the source of being - the ultimate destination.

We invite you to a presentation on Wednesday, where you can hear directly from Ajiit about the background, the goal, the essence and the effective personal and self-development effects/benefits of JIAIDO, how it can lead you step by step to another level of awareness.


On Thursday from 7 pm you can try out JIAIDO in practice with Ajiit, during a 90 minutes long class.

Ajiit will guide you from the basics on the four rhythm, four ways of practicing, where there will be attentive, conscious movement and breathing in the center of the practice all the way long.

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JIAIDO Weekend Workshop with Ajiit

Date is coming soon, BUDAPEST


We invite you for a 2 days-long workshop on the weekend of 14-15th April, which will be led by Ajiit, the founder master of JIAIDO.


What waits for you in these 2 days?

  • Active body movement – where the key is the conscious movement and conscious breathing

  • 4 types of practicing in 4 different rhythms – you can get to know the power of Water, Fire, Earth and Air elements and their affect on yourself

  • Pair work – the mirror and trainer of connection, communication, cooperation skills

  • Bodywork by touch (JIAIDO ATE bodywork) – which releases the emotional and mental blocks from the body accumulated by the years

  • Meditation and relaxation 

  • Creativity born from inner silence

Going through the 3 main branches of JIAIDO (active movement meditation, Ate bodywork and creativity) you can experience during the weekend program how can JIAIDO make a real, permanent change in your life.

It is a great opportunity to intensively deepen your self-knowledge and come closer to who you really are.

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