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May 2024

JIAIDO camps provide a great opportunity for all active practitioners to deepen their JIAIDO knowledge and technique, to build team spirit and learn how to cooperate with each other.


During these intensive three days we use all tools of JIAIDO method (movement meditation, breathing exercises, body work, pair work, stretching, music, meditation etc.), even those which we do not always have the chance during regular weekly dojo practices. This gives an experience about the compact effect of this method on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


The camps are led by Ajiit, who will support us not only in the technical progress but also to gain insight into the philosophy and essence of JIAIDO.


The program takes place in the friendly and peaceful environment of Mauna House. For the 2-3 practices a day an outdoor area and a covered dojo are also available.

The menu is vegetarian, three times a day, prepared by ourselves.

Date: May 2024

Location: Mauna House, Hungary

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 JIAIDO Retreat with Ajiit 


12-24 February 2024

We invite you for an amazing JIAIDO Retreat held by Ajiit, the founder of this unique movement meditation art. By practicing intensively in a beautiful environment, close to the ocean, you can let yourself deeper into the essence of meditation and experience the silence of the mind. The retreat is a great opportunity to find inner peace and start the journey towards self knowledge, towards loving and respecting who you really are. 


Before the JIAIDO Retreat, Ajiit holds a spiritual retreat in another location in India, Tiruvannamalai. If you really want to discover yourself, you are very welcome to use the opportunity of being in India, and join him also  by the holy mountain of Arunachala. 


More information:

Indian Retreat with Ajiit, Tiruvannamalai 

In case of joining both retreats, you get a discount from the price of each retreat. 

Conditions for participation

If you wish to join the intensive program, you either need to participate in at least 3 Mauna Retreats with Ajiit in the Mauna House beforehand, or have at least three months regular JIAIDO practice in our main dojo in Budapest. This is necessary for you to have a clear picture about Ajiit's teachings and work, and also to know the principles and regulations for his retreats. It is also important for Ajiit to know you before you join for one month, so that he can guide you matching with your personal abilities and needs. 

For more information about the Mauna Retreats, click Here.

For more information about the JIAIDO dojo in Budapest, click Here.


Indian JIAIDO retreat

Ajiit created the art of JIAIDO movement meditation as a practical method for personal development and self discovery. The retreat greatly supports the quietening of the body and the mind by bringing the attention to the Here and Now. We practice to harmonize focus, movement, breathing and rhythm. When these elements are together, we become present, we become aware. 

The retreat helps you to develop your own personal abilities, to bring balance, harmony and attention to your existence and also to discover who you really are. All programs of the retreat serve as a tool to connect with your own self and stay in that connection, wherever you are. 

Besides the rich program, you can enjoy all the facilities of Kovalam Beach, where you can experience the beautiful sunshine, the northern Indian Ocean, the ayurvedic massages and treatments and the great Kerala style Indian cuisine.

Program of the JIAIDO Retreat

The common practices involve the following areas: 

  • group practice​

  • pair work

  • Ate bodywork

  • creativity

Daily program: 

  • Morning practice by the ocean 

  • Breakfast

  • JIAIDO practice with Ajiit's guidance

  • Lunch

  • Freetime and rest

  • JIAIDO practice with Ajiit's guidance

  • Dinner

  • Free time 

Free time

sightseeing, beach time, local ayurvedic massage, shopping


Twin rooms in a nice hotel, located directly by the beach. The hotel is equipped with a swimming pool and is up to European standards.



Breakfast is available at the hotel, lunch and dinner in the excellent Indian restaurants around the beach​

Practical Information

Price of JIAIDO Retreat:

1300 € + flight ticket + insurance + visa + meals during your stay

The fees include:

  • the program of the JIAIDO Retreat

  • accommodation

  • breakfast

  • transfer from and to airport

The fees do not include:

  • any other individual transport 

  • lunch and dinner

  • drinks and water

  • ayurvedic massages, treatments offered in Kerala

Signing up:

The deadline for signing up is November 25, 2023

At this time we kindly ask you to pay 50% of the retreat price. The rest of the money needs to be paid the latest 6 weeks before the start of the retreat. 

For more information and registration please contact:

Pariya: +36202755635

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