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Spiritual Dialogue (Satsang) with Ajiit
Date coming soon
Spiritual Dialogue


"The deeper you step into self inquiry,

the more you become free of ideas, free of concepts.

You become more spacious

and say more and more YES to life.

This YES is actually what you are looking for."


You are welcome to join the next Spiritual Dialogue with Ajiit, the founder of the spiritual community of Mauna House and JIAIDO movement meditation. The main focus of the meeting is how to become free of the concepts and ideas about ourselves, which limit our being, and do not allow us to trust life.

This meeting with Ajiit is an unique opportunity to ask about any personal or universal issues to find out what are the mental and emotional difficulties which can block you to discover who you really are.  

Based on his own spiritual experience and understanding of the psychology of modern human beings, Ajiit's guidance shows the way to be aware and present in everyday activities. This presence can lead you to direct liberation of the soul - Enlightenment.

It is a great benefit to attend this meeting „empty”. Empty here means attending without any judgement and expectation. Your presence with an open mind can be enough to realize your true nature, which is love, consciousness and oneness.

The program starts with music of the heart.

Date coming soon

Place: JIAIDO Academy, 1133 Budapest, Vág Street 19.


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