Spiritual Dialogue (Satsang) with Ajiit
27 May 2020

From emotional bondage to spiritual liberation

"The desire for freedom only arise when you realize

that you are in prison. It is possible to live life without being in the prison of the mind.

To understand how emotional bondage prevents spiritual liberation, first of all we need to know what is freedom,

and what is emotion and how we can be imprisoned by an emotion."


You are welcome to join the next Spiritual Dialogue with Ajiit, the founder of the spiritual community of Mauna House and JIAIDO movement meditation. The main focus of the meeting is how learning to recognize and manage our emotions can open the way towards inner freedom and self realization. 

This meeting with Ajiit is an unique opportunity to ask about any personal or universal issues to find out what are the mental and emotional difficulties which can block you to discover who you really are.

On the journey of Self-Discovery - the journey that takes you from the illusionary mind to the heart, from emotional suffering to spiritual liberation, - the guidance of an authentic teacher is a great support. The easiest and most accessible ways of guidance is to have a dialogue with One, who has direct experience of his own spiritual awakening.

Based on his own experience and understanding of the psychology of modern human beings, Ajiit's guidance shows the way to be aware and present in everyday activities. This presence can lead you to direct liberation of the soul - Enlightenment.


It is a great benefit to attend this meeting „empty”. Empty here means attending without any judgement and expectation. Your presence with an open mind can be enough to realize your true nature, which is love, consciousness and oneness.

The program starts with music of the heart.

Date: 27 May 2020, 18:30

Place:  Yogatree Studio, 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 51. mfsz. 1.

Registration: info@ajiit.net

Spiritual Dialogue (Satsang) - online meeting

When Ajiit is not in Hungary, there is still a possibility to meet him regularly during the online spiritual dialogues in Budapest. A meeting is organized for the seekers in Budapest and Ajiit joins online. The satsangs take place in the same intimate and loving atmosphere as in Ajiit’s physical presence.


Date: Coming soon

Registration: info@ajiit.net


The program starts with music of the heart.

„I don't think it is difficult to bring the mind into the heart.

What is difficult is to keep the mind in the heart.

Therefore being in silence, being quiet is necessary.”  Ajiit

Bringing the mind to the heart means that we start to connect to our being and our navigation system becomes the Self instead of the ego. But how can we stay in this connection? Why is it difficult to keep the mind in the heart?

What does it mean to be silent?

You are welcome to join this online spiritual dialogue with Ajiit, to have questions or share your experience with him. By guiding your attention to the present moment, the meeting offers you the chance to become quiet and relax into your own Being. As the mind becomes quiet you will be able to realize the truth about yourself which is independent from what you think you are, and is much simpler than you have ever thought. It has always been present as your true nature, an aware, loving space.