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We are sorry to inform you, that due to the current situation of lockdowns for Covid 19,

the 2021 Intensive Surrender Retreat with Ajiit in India is cancelled.

For the new dates we will keep you updated according to the official information from authorities.

Intensive Surrender Retreat with Ajiit in India

Tiruvannamalai, India

“Are you ready to drop everything that you think you have or you are?"


This message may sound scary but it is the most direct and ultimate pointing to a necessary state that exists in every spiritual path and tradition. 

The real state of surrender is basically invisible. In this state one has no interest and desire to keep his identification to his own external and internal world. The external world is related to the material and personal relations with the society and the environment, while the internal includes one’s concepts, knowledge, beliefs and even his own self image. It can be described as coming to the end of the world. 

The state of surrender is almost overlapping with the state of freedom, which the Sufi tradition calls Fana and Buddhism calls Nirvana.


During the 5 days intensive retreat Ajiit will guide those who are really serious and eager to discover their true nature

to this state of surrender. 

The retreat will take place in the South of India, at the feet of the holy mountain of Arunachala, in Tiruvannamalai,

near Ramana Maharshi’s Ashram. The participation fee includes accommodation and vegetarian meals.  

Ajiit will work intensively with a small group so there are only 7 places available!

For more information and registration please contact:

You can also ask for an online meeting with the organizer of the retreat.

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