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Awakening from the conditioned mind is realization of the Self. It is the only way to take man back to his original state and taste liberation and freedom for the first time: liberation from conditioned mind; freedom from bonds, which have enslaved mankind. In other words, if we take a deep look into this phenomenon, we will see that all human beings desire nothing but freedom of the soul and permanent happiness. But to achieve them, man - due to his conditioned mind - approaches the outer world and seeks them in material possessions and in establishing personal relationships. Though material world and personal relationships bring about comfort, man cannot achieve contentment and inner joy through comfort, which is only able to support and preserve his physical aspect. As long as man is involved with this mechanical habit of mind, the dissatisfaction will appear in form of psychological or mental suffering. Man can stay either in this ignorance, suffering and slavery all his life or he can start an inner psychological revolution or transformation and come to awakening from the phenomena called conditioned mind.

The conditioned mind which is imposed during the childhood and all along life through family, society or environment bonds, has created an entity called identity or personality. By contemplating on this entity you will see that the imaginary personality is very close to man and guides him just like a computer software, with no possibility to interfere. The conditioned programs appear in form of thoughts, feelings or behaviors and persuade the person to believe in and pay attention to the emotional and mental activities. As opposed to this imaginary mind which appears one moment and disappears another moment, is the nature of man which neither appears nor disappears. It has been and will be always there. This true nature is happiness, love, consciousness and it is the true state and face of man which is devoid of all mental bonds and frames. In fact human nature can not be contained in a special name and form. Freedom or awakening happens as a result of diverting the attention from conditioned mind to the true nature of man. This shift can be accomplished through various means. One of the direct ways is to take a deep look inside and ask ”Who Am I?”. A deep look and this question can surprisingly direct man’s life towards freedom, happiness and a life devoid of any kind of suffering and bring him closer to his original state and true nature or even make him return there.


All spiritual paths and practices guide human beings toward one point. That point is surrendering the conditioned mind; surrendering the conditioned mind to the present moment.
Once the conditioned mind is surrendered, awakening happens.
Once the conditioned mind is surrendered, transformation happens.
Once the conditioned mind is surrendered, oneness happens.



For ”Self-realization" (experience of Self) there is no need to do anything. In fact, all doing and activities need to become still. For the same reason, sitting in silence is necessary.



Awareness or your true nature is always here. It is there in sleep, in wakefulness, with opened or closed eyes, in stillness or in movement. With shift of the attention from conditional mind to your true nature, realization of the Self will appear.
Once liberation appears, time disappears.
Once liberation appears, death disappears.
Once liberation appears, suffering disappears.


Bodywork and meditation, all these practices one day need to reach another level. Instead of doing yoga, be yoga, instead of doing meditation be meditative. Arrive there where not the work with the body is present but Self-awareness. This level called Self-inquiry.


Awakening (experience of Self) is an incident happening by itself. No one can do it. The only thing to be done is to be always available. To be available means to be aware. It happens when there are no leaves on the trees. It happens when there are no clouds in the sky. It happens when there is no ”I”.

Once liberation appears, happiness appears.
Once happiness appears, silence appears.
Once silence appears, love appears.
Once love appears, Self appears.
Once Self appears, God appears.


All feel That, as That is always here:
Silence is its language.
Love is its action.
Freedom is its body.

Awareness is always here and witness all activities.


Heart is the only key for realization of Self. In the abode of the Heart, conditioned mind melts down. In the abode of the Heart, surrendering happens. In the abode of the Heart, silence appears. In the abode of the Heart, the Self can be realized.


Passion and longing

If you are hunting divine love, remember that it is love who hunts you first. For being hunted, one needs to be always available and in the house of passion and longing. Passion and longing is your guiding map.

Silent Sitting

Sitting in silence is not a particular method or technique, it is not meditation. In meditation you are observing something, some thought or some body sensation, while sitting in silence lacks any form of observation. In fact with the absence of observation, there is no activity to follow. Sitting in silence is the nature of human being.



Love is always there. Love can not change. But what man knows as love today, is nothing but attraction and desire; the attraction between two poles. This attraction and desire is always changing and is related to a certain person or object. This understanding of love which is ever changing causes man anger, hatred and suffering.



The power of attention is a practical and functional element in human’s psyche. Similarly to the heart and brain in the body, it is created along with human beings. As man is pure and devoid of any psychological forms or bonds, his attention is focused on things which are simply existing like the body and the present moment. This state is observable in children but they are not aware of it.
Along with the journey of life, the attention of man is focused on conditional teachings like psychological bonds and forms, known as identity, personality, or “I”. The change in the subject of attention from identity or personality to pure Self and the present moment is called “awakening”.


Response and reaction

Where there is awareness there is response too. Response, to any bodily or mental actions. This response is empty of any past memory or condition. It is just a response to the present moment.
When conditioned mind covers awareness, there can be only reaction, and reaction rises always from past memory and condition. By bringing more Self-awareness, reaction will be transformed into response.


Burning the Ego

Can You see how difficult it is to sit quietly, to live quietly? The mind is ready to do 24 hours of yoga or other practices, but not even one hour of sitting and doing nothing. This sitting means to be ready to burn. Burning for what? Burning the conditions, burning what you are not, burning the fear, the opposition which doesn’t let you free. Burning that one, who talks to you constantly in your head like a radio, the one who condamns you. You are going to burn that. So, jumping into the fire means to sit down quietly.


Spiritual understanding

In the moment, you start investigating the conditioned mind, your understanding about spirituality will change. By this investigation you bring in knowledge of spirituality from books into your everyday life.


The journey

The deeper you step into Self-inquiry the more you become idealess, concept less. You become spacious and say more and more YES to life. This YES is actually what you are looking for.


There is no my Self and your Self, there is only the Self.

The path

Dear One, do not fall asleep during the way from the beauty of the path. The path you are using is full of flowers and fruit trees, what can make you stop. Be aware and remember, this is not the reason you started the journey for.


Back to stillness

When the mind is quiet, you can listen.
When the mind is quiet, you can see.
When the mind is quiet, you are awake.
But the mind does not want that, therefore it needs to be guided, reminded to stillness all the time.

Final understanding

Here is the time to understand the conditioned mind is not you, is separate from you. It came to you after you have been arrived to this world and yet it occupies all your attention, does not allow seeing who you really are.


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