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Sri Ramana Maharshi

Jalaludin Rumi



There was an extreme longing for freedom, to return home.
That longing brought him to the most beloved beings.
They took him in front of the light to make his eyes open.
They spoke to him with the silent utterance.
They planted a seed of love in his heart ...
The words can not express this journey with the beloved... oh, thank you beloved.

Dear friend:
The best way to know Ajiit is to begin to know yourself and realize the Self. When you realize yourself, you will know everyone. In reality there is no difference between your true nature or your essence with others. The only difference could be the stories and the experiences, that shapes personality. And remember you are not personality. If these words are not enough, feel free to come and visit or send an email. Ajiit will be glad to  meet  or hear from you.​

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