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Meeting in truth

Satsang is described in Sanskrit as ”meeting in truth” or, a close association, companionship with a Self-Realized one. In any stage of spirituality, Satsang is the most direct way, more effective than meditation. Satsang is a dialogue, an opportunity to hear of spiritual truth expressed by a Self-Realized one.

Attending the Satsang is a great opportunity for one, who is really searching for the truth or has longing for eternal freedom. In the spiritual world, there are many paths and methods to realize one’s own true nature, but when someone is attending a Satsang, he will experience directly, that it is all about one truth and one love, which is HERE and NOW.

By attending the Satsang and having a dialog with the guide or listening in silence to his utterances the mind gets focused and concentrated to one’s SELF or to LOVE. It is not so much about the intellectual understanding of the utterance, but more to be in a direct energetic relation with the guide and to stay in this environment, physically and mentally.

It is a great benefit for a participant or student to attend the Satsang „empty” It means attending without any judgment and without creating any psychological wall between himself and the guide. In fact, for realizing the Self, nothing is needed; there is no need to do anything. Your presence with empty mind is enough to realize your own true nature, which is nothing, but love, consciousness, and oneness.

Meeting with Ajiit

When love and happiness appears as a permanent state in someone, it will always be the primary focus for that person. Once realized, there is a passion to share this happiness with others. To use the word ”share” might not be suitable, as every being is love and happiness itself. These phenomena called love and happiness needs to be experienced directly to be realized. Intellectual knowing is not enough.

Public Satsang

About live and online Satsang possibilities find out in the Calendar
If you are interested in organizing a Satsang meeting in your city, please contact.


Deep Looking Intensive Satsang

Meeting for those, who have participated on The Fundamental Meeting Retreat Level 1., and wish to reach deeper in Self-inquiry.Your true nature - peace, silence and love - is here and now. If you can not see it, the body can not experience it as permanent state, there must be something in front of your eyes. There must be some barrier separates you from That. By attending the meeting called Deep Looking, this barrier can be discovered and will be washed away.

One on one Meeting

One of the effective ways to enter the path of Self-inquiry and start investigating the Self, is by having a private session with a guide or teacher. Those who are interested in stepping in this path are welcome to participate in some of these meetings.

Fundamental Meeting Retreat

It is a very compact and intensive meeting, based on a small group of 8-10 people in a living together environment. It takes 4-6 days. For attending this meeting the participant need to have life experience and strong longing for discovering its own Self.

Silent meeting

Sitting in silence will take place by attending genuine Satsang. To attend, have some comfortable clothing where the body is relaxed. These kinds of meetings takes place in silence (meaning no verbal utterances) and lasts an hour. During the session, the eyes can be closed or open, though it would be more effective to have the eyes closed during the whole session. For schedule refer to calendar of events on the site.

If you wish to participate on the programs or get information, please write us an email or check the News.


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