Ajiit holds regular retreats in the Mauna House. The retreats provide a great opportunity to get away from the routine of everyday life and focus intensively on knowing ourselves at a deeper level. Ajiit’s presence and the calm surroundings will help to quieten the body and mind and direct the attention inside. During the two days we get closer to discovering who we really are beyond the picture we know and believe about ourselves. With Ajiit’s guidance the way towards ourselves becomes more and more clear and visible.

During the retreat every morning starts with Jiaido movement meditation, created by Ajiit to help bring the attention to the state of Here and Now. Two times daily we gather for meetings with Ajiit, where you can bring up your questions and sharings.

Please note, that for participation in any of the retreats and camps, it is important that you read and be aware of the conditions and regulations:

We are very happy to receive you in Mauna House and at the same time we would like to remind you to be aware of the purpose of your stay.


As Ajiit says, Mauna House is a place for Self development and Self discovery. In such an environment our stay needs to help us bring our attention into the direction of Self inquiry.


Therefore we would like you to respect the following principles during your stay:


  • Preserve the silence - communicate as little as possible. Stay away from all unnecessary conversations, storytelling.

  • Stay inside the environment of Mauna House in any case.

  • Retreat from your everyday life. For the time of your stay don't contact friends and relatives, anyone outside. Stay away from using mobile phones, except in case of urgency, for 20 minutes after dinner.

  • During your stay focus on your own self inquiry and avoid any kind of advising, healing and counceling activities for others.

  • Follow the program of the day, participate in every activity and associate yourself with the group.

  • Take care of Mauna House as your own and take part in the housework, including food preparation, cleaning up and so on.

  • Smoking  is permitted only in the marked area and please be aware not to use it as an excuse for social gathering.

  • Let us communicate with each other with respect, tolerance and love.

In case of any questions, you can refer to the program organizers of Mauna House.

We wish you to use Mauna House as a tool for meeting the Self.

Mauna Retreat with Ajiit
27-29 March 2020

"The essence of development is to shed the old skin off.

This is the principle of physical,

mental and spiritual growth.

When you grow, the old and outdated understandings

and definitions about yourself - what I call the old skin-,

need to fall.

Whether you are searching for spiritual liberation,

or want to solve your personal issues,

you need to use the same principle.

You need to be fresh, open and available for discovery,

for realization."


We all have specific ideas about ourselves; concepts that we might be carrying from childhood until now.

Some of them grew on us so much, that they became our skin and we believe that is what we are. But we need to realize, that the strategies we used to be accepted, loved, to gain attention or to protect ourselves in the past, are not serving us anymore. They are actually limiting our being, blocking the way to self discovery, to true happiness.

How can we move forward, how can we leave the old skin behind?

Based on his own direct experience of Self realization, Ajiit guides us to find the way to inner transformation and spiritual development.  You are welcome to join!


The retreat will take place at Mauna House, where the lovely and natural environment will also help to turn your attention inside.​

The program starts in the mornings with JIAIDO active movement meditation practice designed by Ajiit to bring the attention to the Here and Now. Daily two meetings with Ajiit provide opportunity to ask your questions and share your understanding.


Dates: 27-29 March 2020

            24-26 April 2020

Place: Mauna House, Szőlősgyörök, Hungary

Meals: 3 vegetarian meals daily, prepared together.

Registration: info@ajiit.net

Silent Sitting Retreat

Silence is our true nature, but in the everyday activities we are so caught up in the noise outside that we forget our essence. The three days retreat with Ajiit is a wonderful opportunity to be guided back again to silence in the peaceful environment of the Mauna House.

There are different ways of practicing silence. Avoiding verbal or non verbal communication is a means to achieve Mauna which in sanskrit means silence of the mind.

The silent sitting retreat aims at leading you to the permanent state of stillness where all activities arise from this inner silence, that is actually your essence. 

During the three days, active movement meditation practice (JIAIDO) helps quieten the body and mind. 

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