The Birth of Light
Yalda Night Celebration
21 December, 2021

"Darkness is removed by the realization that you are not separate  from light;
you are Light itself."

Ajiit and the community of Mauna House would like to invite you for a joyful celebration of Yalda Night and Christmas in December at Mauna House.


The occasion for this celebration is closely related to the cycle of life, and is also a reminder for all human beings not to forget their own true nature: Light. 
Yalda, which means birth, is an ancient festival, celebrating the birth of light, the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness. Early Christians linked the birth of Jesus to this special night.


After the longest night of the year (21st of Dec), days become longer and darkness is defeated by light, wisdom and justice takes over, giving a reason to celebrate for all.

Christmas and Yalda are both celebrated in a similar fashion by staying up all night and celebrating it with family and friends, and eating special foods.

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We invite you to spend this time with Ajiit and the community of Mauna House. During these two days there will be time for intimate conversations and sharing, playing music, celebrating, creativity and a lot more. 

You can join this festive event for both days or just one. Please, arrive before 6 pm on the given day to have our dinner together and be part of the rich program.
We appreciate if you prepare a small delicious dish by yourself at home or in the House, which we will share together.


Date: 21 December, 2021
Venue:  Mauna House, Szőlősgyörök, Hungary