About Ajiit

Ajiit is a spiritual teacher guiding those who are seriously interested in and committed to Self-discovery beyond the ego, beyond personality, those who really long for spiritual liberation.

His teachings are practical, showing a new way of living in harmony with ourselves, others and the environment as well.

Ajiit is the founder of the spiritual community of Mauna House in Hungary and the founder of  JIAIDO, a new movement meditation system.

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Events & Activities



At these meetings you can ask Ajiit about any issue related to your inner journey - the journey that takes you from your ego to your Self, from emotional suffering to spiritual liberation.


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The regular retreats with Ajiit provide the perfect opportunity to get away from the routine and haste of everyday life and spend some time in the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of his activity center, Mauna House.


JIAIDO Movement Meditation

JIAIDO is a practical method created by Ajiit that aims personal- and Self-development. It is an active meditation using the body to work on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


Mauna House

Mauna House, Hungary

Mauna House is the center of Ajiit's activities in Hungary, where all his events take place in a beautiful natural environment. The house facilitates full accommodation for all participants in the events. 

Mauna House is also home to the spiritual community founded by Ajiit, where the residents and visitors can experience in practical terms how to live a conscious lifestyle in harmony with our natural environment and how to discover who we really are behind our stories and personalities.​


Upcoming Events

Mauna Retreat

with Ajiit

in the Mauna House

27-29 March 2020


The retreat is a great 

​opportunity to get away

from the routine of everyday life and focus intensively on knowing ourselves at a deeper level.

Ajiit’s presence and the calm surroundings will help

to quieten the body and mind

and direct the attention inside. During the two days

we get closer to discovering

who we really are beyond

the picture we know

and believe about ourselves. 

With Ajiit’s guidance the way towards ourselves becomes more and more clear and visible.



Indian Retreat

with Ajiit

in Tiruvannamalai

3-18 February 2020

The 12 days retreat will be dedicated to investigate

with Ajiit’s guidance the fundamental question of

self inquiry: Who am I?,

based on the teachings

of the great Indian sage,

Ramana Maharshi.

The retreat is a

great opportunity

to discover

the beauty of your own being and also to see what

emotional and mental blocks

don't allow you to live

this beauty in your everyday life.