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Ajiit's teaching and methods

Spirituality can be divided into different phases, which need to follow each other.

The first phase is the invitation. This phase begins when you enter spirituality. In this stage you start searching for the answers, but you haven’t arrived to the level of maturity to make a step and bring about the necessary transformation for your own development. You are still moving around, trying to collect more information, trying to know more and more, reading books, going from one teacher to another, from one method to another. Here you are mostly looking for confirmation from outside, about your own knowledge and understanding.

To come to the next stage you need maturity and a decision for Self-discovery and liberation.

By this you enter another stage of spirituality: operation. This means that you really come to the point that you want to work with yourself. In this stage you have arrived to the understanding and maturity to realize that transformation and spiritual growth is necessary. Commitment and seriosity means that you commit yourself  to your own evolution.

The first step in this stage is to see what prevents your inner growth and have a real wish and desire to become free from that. One of the greatest barriers to human development is the mental and emotional tendencies and blocks. Some of those blocks can be seen by you, as the  seeker, but the most important issues that stop us to come to the transformation are the invisible blocks which run in human beings unconsciously as programs and strategies. An example for these barriers is the invisible fear or conditions, which we are not aware of. To see these blocks alone is almost as impossible as trying to see the colour of your own eyes without a mirror.  


Ajiit is working with those who already made the decision, who are already committed to Self -development and discovering their true nature. In order to bring about the transformation, you need to dedicate your time and work intensively with Ajiit, on what he calls the journey of Self.


Ajiit created a system of movement meditation called JIAIDO and established the Center for Holistic Living and Self-Discovery called Mauna House.

Both JIAIDO and Mauna House serve to achieve the same goal: to provide tools by which we can learn in practical terms how to bring the attention to the present moment, to be in the state of Here and Now. This conscious presence is the key to become free from our physical, mental and emotional difficulties and find that universal and yet unique beauty that exists inside every human being.



Movement Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful tool to still the mind and bring the person to the present moment. However, sitting motionless and meditate can be a challenge if the mind and body is not trained for it.

To make it easier  to practice and bring the mind into the state of stillness the body also needs to get involved in a more dynamic way. Based on his 28 years experience in martial arts and his education in psychotherapy and acupuncture  Ajiit combined all this with his insight and wisdom of life to create a system of movement meditation, which he called JIAIDO.

The term JIAIDO consist of three Japanese kanjis meaning the path to love one Self, the Self that is universal

and exists beyond the limitations of the personality.

The aim of JIAIDO is to achieve physical, mental and emotional stability and balance by transforming the functioning of the brain. JIAIDO is based on the idea that through conscious practice people are able to develop their own personal abilities and come beyond mental and emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety. These unhealthy mental states are the result of the mind’s habit of either dwelling continuously in the past (depression) or worrying about the future (anxiety). Our life takes place in the here and now, but we miss most of it because of the tendencies of the mind.

JIAIDO is designed to bring the practitioner into the present moment by guiding his attention on his body, breathing and movements combined in a harmonious way. By concentration and focus we learn how to reprogram our brain to create new pathways and neural connections. The changes in the brain have a direct effect on our mentality, perspective, behaviour and emotional responses.  We can actually transform the quality of our life by conscious practice.  

A balanced personality is necessary for a harmonious and healthy life and it is also the foundation to start the spiritual journey of Self-Discovery.

Mauna House

Mauna House

Center for Holistic Living and Self-Discovery

„Whether we want to be Self-realised or not, we have to live consciously and manage successfully our everyday activities.

 For a peaceful, joyful life we need strong foundations, such as mental stability, emotional balance and a clear direction.

These are the demands for the spiritual journey as well.”

In Ajiit’s guidance there is a strong emphasis on the art of conscious living and the importance of a healthy, natural environment for our physical, mental and emotional transformation and stability. 

The community of the Mauna House was formed in 2011 by a group of friends who wish to follow the path of Self - Inquiry under the guidance of Ajiit. As the Center for Holistic Living and Self Discovery, the main goal of the community is twofold: to live a conscious lifestyle in harmony with our natural environment with people who share the same vision and to discover who we really are behind our stories and personalities.​

During spiritual practice people often experience stillness and a quiet mind, but it is important to understand that just as the mind can become awake by the effect of spiritual practice, mind can be also put to sleep by the attraction of the world, by losing one’s own center in everyday life activities. No matter how strong one’s determination and willpower are to lead a life based on spiritual principles, living in a world of materialism his attention can easily be diverted by worldly desires from the desire to know the truth.

The support of a spiritual guide and a community of like minded people has 

a strong positive effect to be able to keep the focus on one’s direction.

By living and working in an uplifting and safe environment where kindness, respect and simple living are considered the most important values, we support our own spiritual development and growth. It creates an atmosphere of genuine and sincere Self-Inquiry.

All events of the House are designed by Ajiit to direct the attention to the present moment that is pure, free and unlimited. In this perspective all activities, let it be body movement, breathing exercise, silent sitting, gardening, creative art and music, cooking or food production, construction work or animal keeping, become tools for inner transformation, a means to come to the realization of our true nature. At the same time these activities themselves are productive and joyful, especially when shared with others.

By actively participating in the life of the Mauna House, we are able to start a new relation with ourselves and our environment, based on clear communication and free expression, sharing and discipline. Intellectual understanding in itself is not enough, self-development and spirituality needs to be manifested in our everyday life. When it happens, it appears clearly as stability, kindness, respect, understanding, forgiveness and compassion. Living in a spiritual community helps us to accept things the way they are.

In worldly life we avoid and resist almost everything we don't like, we have our preferences of what we want or don't want to do. In the spiritual community we are encouraged to be aware of our negative reactions and let them go. In this way we diminish our resistance to what life brings us and increase inner freedom. We tune into our intuitive being and learn to move with the flow of life.

There are regular programs with Ajiit available for you to visit us.

Public meetings, retreats, JIAIDO camps provide opportunities to join and take another step towards

discovering your true nature.

For information about the schedule please check our programs on Mauna House website or FB page

If you wish to participate in our programs, please apply by sending us an email to

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