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The Sound of Silent Utterance

"My experience is that our divine navigation system, the heart doesn’t speak to us through words that are used for the mind.

I believe that the message that comes from the Self, from the inner Being, has its own language.

I have a name for that: The Sound of Silent Utterance.

It is a sound without the words that can be identified by the mind.

Silent utterance guides you with the language of the heart.

Through the process of Self - Inquiry you are going to learn this language and understand its message."


The deeper you step into Self-inquiry the more you become idealess, free of concepts. You become spacious and say more and more YES to life.

This YES is actually what you are looking for.

True Wish

For bringing love and silence to your life,
you don't need to be spiritual, or believe in spirituality.
What you need is to really wish for that
and this wish will bring the experience of love and silence which will transform your life forever.
One Self

There is no such thing as your Self or my Self.
There is only the Self. 
Existential emotions

The journey from the mind to the heart is
to come beyond survival emotion to the level of existential emotions. 
The end of the world

There is a similar state in every spiritual path that you choose for spiritual development or for realizing your true nature.
This state can be described as coming to the end of the world.
In this state your hands are open and you are ready to surrender, to give up
Less 'I'

Be sure that humans function freely, and even better mentally, emotionally and physically with less “I”, less “me”.
The world becomes a better place to live.
It is hard to imagine how heavy it is to carry this phenomenon called “I” for a whole lifetime,
until this body mind experiences even for a short moment to be run by Awareness.
This is ultimate freedom. 
Inner peace

Inner peace or silence can manifest in our life
when we consciously don’t respond to our psychological and emotional patterns.
Only the conditioned mind can take our inner peace. 

You don' need to trust someone or something.
Trust doesn't need a reason, doesn't need an object.
It is an energy, a life force, an attitude, a perspective from where you observe the world.
Trust is the pure state of the mind. 
Loneliness or separation

Before you bring something or someone to your life because you think or feel that you are lonely,

it is very important to realize that there is a difference between the sense of loneliness and separation.

People can still feel very lonely even when there is something or someone in their lives.

It is not easy to see that the real reason for human suffering is separation from our essence, from the Self.

The sense of loneliness arises from it.

This separation cannot be solved by bringing something or someone to your life.

The third way

When your mind is present Here and Now, there is no fear of tomorrow.

There is no such thing as a wish, because you are fulfilled, you are completed.

There is only a game you can play.

Your game can be business, sport, work, anything, it all becomes a game.

But only if you keep this mind in the present.

Humans in this modern life are rather in the future or in the past.

Very rarely you find someone who functions from the Here and Now.

Rather we are sad, depressed, because of what happened,

because we didn't get what we wanted emotionally, or we worry about the future.

You can see this state in the people.

Because we never gave a chance to ourselves that hey, there is a third way.

Belief system

Inner peace is related to our belief system.

Peace is always there; what disturbs it is our beliefs.

When we strongly believe in something, anything that is against this belief will disturb our peace.

The beliefs can belong to religion, culture or social standards, but they also exist on the emotional and mental levels.

When we look at an inner image, a thought or an emotion that pops up inside, we believe it and act on it.

As soon as we believe it there is no peace anymore, because the belief can be disturbed by life at any moment.

Peace is always here but we need to avoid getting involved with our belief system.

The journey

The journey of self discovery is about your being.

It is about how you can connect to yourself, how you can be in love with the Self,

the Self which is covered behind your body, thoughts and emotions.

The Self - your being, your true nature - is faceless, cannot be described.

We can call it space, but even space doesn’t describe it. 

Your body and intellect can help you in this journey but only if you're not attached so much to body and mind.


We are spiritual beings, there is no doubt about it.

We all know it, feel it, even if we never tried spiritual practices.

It is evident in the longing, in the need to find some sense into existence,

it is there in the urge to figure out who we are, to find a life purpose for ourselves.

But we placed it outside as something to find it somewhere, in some place, activity, social status or higher calling.

What we need to learn is how to live spirituality.

We don't need to call it spirituality,  we can call it as being connected to our true nature, being connected to life.

All we need to understand is that we are part of this world but not of this world.

Our real home is not the world. It is the Self, it is the center, it is the heart, it is life.

Whatever happens around us, whatever situation we meet, can be sad or joyful, pleasant or not,

they all can be used as a way to find this home.


Your transformation and Self discovery is not personal.
It will affect the world you live in.
Spirituality is not something to believe, it is something you live with.
It is the seed of you, the root of your existence.
Then come the branches, then come the leaves, then come the fruit of you.
But you forgot about your root, you talk so much about your leaves and fruit,
about how big your fruit is, how many fruit you have, how tasty your fruit is.
Truth and Reality

When you are connected to your own Truth and face reality, which we also know as the world,
reality or the world will not affect you.
Basically the world will dissolve into your Truth. 
The opposite can also happen: when you are not connected to your Truth and face reality,

you will be dissolved into the world.
The result is a sense of being lost, of dissatisfaction and confusion.

Your original being is pure and empty like a white paper.
During our life, society writes upon that page and this text becomes your personality,
you even believe you are nothing but that text.
The return of your attention back to the empty page is called freedom.

All spiritual paths and practices guide human beings toward one point.

That point is surrendering the conditioned mind;

surrendering the conditioned mind to the present moment.
Once the conditioned mind is surrendered, awakening happens.
Once the conditioned mind is surrendered, transformation happens.
Once the conditioned mind is surrendered, oneness happens.



Awareness or your true nature is always here.

It is there in sleep, in wakefulness, with opened or closed eyes, in stillness or in movement.

With shift of the attention from conditional mind to your true nature,

realization of the Self will appear.
Once liberation appears, time disappears.
Once liberation appears, death disappears.
Once liberation appears, suffering disappears.


Bodywork and meditation, all these practices one day need to reach another level.

Instead of doing yoga, be yoga, instead of doing meditation be meditative.

Arrive there where not the work with the body is present but Self-awareness.

This level called Self-inquiry.


Heart is the only key for realization of Self.

In the abode of the Heart, conditioned mind melts down.

In the abode of the Heart, surrendering happens.

In the abode of the Heart, silence appears.

In the abode of the Heart, the Self can be realized.​​​​​ ​​​​​​​


We need some period In our lives when we meet ourselves, we respond to the true part of ourselves,

to what is good for our Being.

There is a difference between what we like and what is good for us.

We need to realize who guides us, who decides in us.

No one can tell you what is good for your Being,

but the path of love can stimulate and awaken the wisdom in you to see that.


Awakening (experience of Self) is an incident happening by itself.

No one can do it. The only thing to be done is to be always available.

To be available means to be aware. It happens when there are no leaves on the trees.

It happens when there are no clouds in the sky.

It happens when there is no ”I”.

Once liberation appears, happiness appears.
Once happiness appears, silence appears.
Once silence appears, love appears.
Once love appears, Self appears.
Once Self appears, God appears.​​​

Passion and Longing

If you are hunting divine love, remember that it is love who hunts you first.

For being hunted, one needs to be always available and in the house of passion and longing.

Passion and longing is your guiding map.


I would like to invite you for a dialogue.

Talk to me like you would talk to yourself, as if I were a mirror.

You manifest yourself through this conversation.

Your relation with your own body, your own mind, with your environment appears clearly.

If this dialogue happens openly, without any expectation or judgment,

an energy flow starts moving between us.

This flow, like a river washes away the obstacles that prevent you from seeing who you are.


The quietness of the mind only helps you to realize, that there is no such thing as 'I', as 'me'.

When you realize this, it will create an explosion of light.

This light will make you see what is what.

You are awake

This is the Truth about you. You are already That, you are awake.

You are enlightened.

But it is almost impossible to describe this state by the names, which arise from the mind.

Whatever knowledge we have, we collected based on duality.

And when freedom happens, when self-realization takes place, basically it is the end of the duality of the mind.


Sometimes a window opens, and you experience some kind of silence, - if you want to call it - beauty.

The mind will go to rest.

But the mind didn’t disappear yet.

The identification didn’t disappear yet.

So any time the mind arise, your attention goes with it.

So the moment that we are talking about,

is that realization when the illusionary mind completely collapses.


When you start to connect with your inner being, your state of mind will shift.

You experience causeless happiness which I prefer to call blissfulness.

Silent Sitting

Sitting in silence is not a particular method or technique, it is not meditation.

In meditation you are observing something, some thought or some body sensation 

while sitting in silence lacks any form of observation.

In fact with the absence of observation, there is no activity to follow.

Sitting in silence is the nature of human being.



Love is always there. Love can not change.

But what man knows as love today, is nothing but attraction and desire;

the attraction between two poles.

This attraction and desire is always changing and is related to a certain person or object.

This understanding of love which is ever changing causes man anger, hatred and suffering.​​ ​​


The power of attention is a practical and functional element in human’s psyche.

Similarly to the heart and brain in the body, it is created along with human beings.

As man is pure and devoid of any psychological forms or bonds,

his attention is focused on things which are simply existing like the body and the present moment.

This state is observable in children but they are not aware of it.
Along with the journey of life, the attention of man is focused on conditional teachings like psychological bonds and forms,

known as identity, personality, or “I”.

The change in the subject of attention from identity or personality to

pure Self and the present moment is called “awakening”.

Reaction or Response

When there is awareness, there is a response to any happening or action.

A response is empty of past memories or conditions, it is simply an answer to the present moment.

But when the conditioned mind covers the awareness,

there is a reaction which always comes from past memories and conditioning.

By bringing more Self awareness, your reaction will transform to response.

Burning the Ego

Can You see how difficult it is to sit quietly, to live quietly?

The mind is ready to do 24 hours of yoga or other practices,

but not even one hour of sitting and doing nothing.

This sitting means to be ready to burn.

Burning for what?

Burning the conditions, burning what you are not, burning the fear,

the resistance which doesn’t let you be free.

Burning that one, who talks to you constantly in your head like a radio,

the one who condemns you.

You are going to burn that.

So, jumping into the fire means to sit down quietly.

Peace or Mind

There is no such thing as peace of mind.

Where there is mind, there is no peace.

Where there is peace, there is no mind.

In this house, in this body there is place only for One.


Life supports you, life wants you, life loves you.

Even when you get sick. Even when you lose something.

Trust that, trust its language, and your condition will change.

You only need to realize that you are not separate from Life, You are Life…

And you don’t need to do much for that.

Just come from the mind to the heart, from doubt to trust.


Happiness is called as nothingness and ME is called as something.

When the attention is shifting from nothingness to something, a story develops.

A story, which as a collection of thoughts, emotions, ideas and the world,

does nothing but takes you from happiness. 

The Secret of Existence

When someone really wants to move with the flow of Existence, Truth and Love,

all the elements necessary in this direction will be arranged by Life itself.

This is the secret of life.

When you relate your existence to Existence itself,

the very intelligence of this Existence will cover you,

will support you throughout your journey.



There is a state which is beyond belief, beyond idea or concept.

If you give all your attention to that, you will realize that you as a Being, never change.

When you come out from all beliefs, you are free.

 Being without beliefs is freedom, it is happiness.

You think Existence has a belief?

Or needs belief?

You are Existence...



You are eternal.

There is movement, but not for you.

Everything moves, but you don't move, everything changes, but you don’t change.

That is what you are.

That is eternity.

 The Path of Love


Self discovery can happen through many ways.

One of them is the Path of Love.

It is the path from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, the journey from the mind to the heart.

Until you awaken, you need to keep going.

Some people believe it takes many lifetimes for the soul to become liberated.

I don't believe in it.

But even if you want to think so, why not start right now?

 Direct Pointing


There is a great misunderstanding  about self discovery or knowing yourself.

It is not about what you like or dislike, what you want or what you don't want.

It points directly to who you are without your name and identification,

who you are without your conditions and psychological patterns.

 Here and Now


Being Here and Now means that you are not attached to the experiences of the past or images of the future.

Being Here and Now is irrelevant of time and space.

We can use the past and future as reference points, but our essence, our foundation is the present.

This state of mind is the state of Here and Now that brings happiness and love.




The essence of development is to shed the old skin off.

This is the principle of physical, mental and spiritual growth.

When you grow, the old and outdated understandings and definitions about yourself - what I call the old skin-, need to fall.

Whether you are searching for God (spiritual liberation), or want to solve your personal issues,

you need to use the same principle.

You need to be fresh, open and available for discovery, for realization.  




If you want to be free, there must be somebody inside you 
who has this desire.
For freedom, this somebody needs to be dissolved into the ocean of love. 



During the spiritual journey of self discovery the phenomenon called ‘I’ becomes weaker in you.

This ‘I’ is the great illusion, the dream that covers your essence,

that keeps you from seeing who you really are.

Awakening from this dream is spiritual liberation.

 Desire for Freedom

The desire for freedom only arise when you realize that you are in prison. 
It is possible to live life without being in the p
rison of the mind.

The Ultimate Wish

You can get anything you wish, so why do you ask for so little?

In the material world don’t desire much, however,

on the path of Love, Truth and Life ask for the ultimate. 

Book of Life

Our personality is like an open book in front of us.

Any time something happens in our life, we refer to this book,

and we react based on what is written on the pages of personality.

I invite you respond instead of reaction, and open a new book,

which we can call the Book of Life, the Book of Love or the Book of Here and Now.

Loving Oneself

Loving oneself means giving space to yourself, allowing yourself to express.

Allow yourself to respond, not to react.

For this you need to step aside and give space to That which created you, which keeps you alive.

You can call it Self, or awareness, or God.

Let That manifest through your intellect, through your body.

You don't need to be in a hurry to answer or make a decision.

If you wait, That will receive the question and then the answer, the decision will arise from the right place.

Start to trust That.

That doesn’t make a mistake.


The fundamental source of our misery, our dissatisfaction in life is

that we become disconnected from our true self, from our being.

The disconnection can be caused by an external event in our life,

or by some feelings or thoughts that arise inside us, as they take and occupy our attention.

Because of our mental habits, we remain in this feeling or thought or in the mood created by the event

for hours or weeks or months, years even maybe.

This is how we lose the present moment, how we lose our life.
I invite you to connect to your being, to start to love your true self and stay in this connection.

When you are connected to your self, the self guides you to the right decisions, the right actions. 

The goal of personal and spiritual development is to reconnect with your source.

True Devotion

The path of devotion is not only about what you can offer or do for the Beloved in the material form,

by donating your money, time and energy.

These acts of service are all preparing you to offer that, which is dearest to you: your ego or conditioned mind.

It is dear to you, even though it is also the source of all your suffering.

It is dear because it is close to you, because you are so identified with it that you truly believe,

this is who you are. 
When you are able to offer that to the Beloved, you’ll understand the true meaning of devotion.

The Real Work

For some time you need to work with the personality because of your attachment to the thought of 'I'.

You will work with it until you realize that the source of all your suffering and difficulty in life is your ego,

your conditioned mind - all what you call your personality.

Who you really are is beyond all that.

The Beginning of Self-Inquiry

I don’t suggest you to become a better person, I suggest you to be. 
You are not the person, you are beyond that. 
You have this body mind, but who is that one who has it? 
This question is the beginning of Self Inquiry that will guide you to freedom.

Your True Nature

When you are not associated with the conditioned mind, you will be be associated with what is, with the Self.

When you don't enter the game of the mind, you will find yourself immediately in the heart.

What we call heart, life, love, peace, is not something you need to achieve, it is always present.

Your true nature is that.

Real Understanding

What you are is always here, it never disappears.

What covers your self is the idea of what you think you are.

When you remove that you can see your Being.

What you are is like the blue sky above the clouds.

Even when you cannot see it, above the clouds it is always blue.

You don't need to achieve it.

Only something needs to go away.


Whether we want to be Self-realised or not,

we have to live consciously and manage successfully our everyday activities.
For a peaceful, joyful life we need strong foundations,

such as mental stability, emotional balance and a clear direction.

These are the demands for the spiritual journey as well.

Absolute Realization

Darkness will disappear by the realization that you are not separate from Light -

You are Light itself.

Inner Big Bang

The quietness of the mind only helps you to realize, that there is no such thing as 'I', as 'me'.

When you realize this, it will create an explosion of light.

This light will make you see what is what. 

That was my experience at that moment. 

Fear or Joy

Illusionary or irrational fear is the greatest bondage for human beings.

It separates people from life and makes them unable to experience the joy of life.
Learn how to come beyond the illusionary fear to the joy of life.

That is what you can do for yourself.

That is freedom.

Depression or Longing

Depression and anxiety can be caused by a variety of factors

such as heredity, environment, lifestyle, a traumatic experience, or a disease.

But depression can also be the result of an unconscious search that is inherent in the human condition.

The existential questions as ’Where do I come from?’ ’Why am I here?’ ’Who am I?’

arise inside as we try to find reason and purpose in life.

Until we come to the permanent answer for these questions,

we remain sad and frustrated.

Unaware of the search, we might mistake this state as depression.

Attention to Love

When your attention is on the Self, there is silence, there is peace.

The essence, the Self is always here, but your attention is somewhere else.

The path is not about finding Love, it is about your attention to Love.

Love is another name for Self.

Being Quiet

I don't think it is difficult to bring the mind into the heart.

What is difficult is to keep the mind in the heart.

Therefore being in silence, being quiet is necessary.


"You often say: 'I want to get rid of my negative thoughts and feelings.' 

But negative thoughts and positive thoughts both arise from the same place. 

So don't waste your time.

Drop them both! This is non-duality.

This is freedom."

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