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Ajiit is a spiritual teacher whose guidance shows the way to personal development and spiritual liberation.

His life story shared here is an inspiring tale of Self-Discovery.  


Ajiit was born in Iran in 1966. As a young boy, he got attracted to martial arts and started practicing karate very intensively which he continued for 28 years. He opened his first dojo at the age of 18. After he became a master of karate do in the physical form, his attention turned towards the spiritual background of all martial arts and he started to study and follow the zen teachings and principles. The discipline and practice made his mind more and more mature and focused towards the direction of Self investigation. He often meditated and practiced zazen, the art of silent sitting.  

Due to his cultural background Ajiit has always had a deep interest in sufi mysticism. The sufi path is the path of love, a spiritual journey towards the Self.  As a young adult, he started reading the works of sufi masters such as Rumi, Omar Khayyam and Hafez, and their pointings to the Divine sew the seed of longing for unity and love in his heart. He started to feel that he is looking for something more than what he can see and touch, for – as he later called it – the eternal, divine part of himself. Meanwhile great changes took place in his social life and circumstances. He moved from Iran to Denmark at the age of 23 where he still continued teaching karate do for several years. Despite entering a very different culture and adapting to new values and lifestyle, he did not lose focus on his direction. On the contrary, living far from his motherland and everything that used to be familiar to him, made his passion even stronger towards discovering his own true nature. In 1991 a friend of his introduced Ajiit to the teachings of the great master, Osho. As he was reading several of his books and visited his ashram in India, he found that Osho’s teachings confirmed his understanding of sufism and zen independently from any religious beliefs or concepts. During this time he became increasingly interested in the human psyche, in trying to understand the motifs and relations that shape personality and cause mental and emotional difficulties for many people. Therefore started his two years of education in psychotherapy and three years of education in acupuncture. After finishing his education in psychotherapy he has been working for the last 16 years as psychiatric nurse assistant in hospitals in Denmark. This experience provided him the necessary skills to deal with various types of mental disorders and psychological problems. It also gave him an extensive knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the human mind, including his own which allowed him to go even deeper into self investigation.

Experience of the Self

The moment that permanently changed his life took place in 2007 during a chance meeting with John David. Ajiit was invited by a friend of his to the satsang (spiritual meeting) of a Self-realized master whom he never heard of previously, John David - at that time known as Premananda - in Copenhagen. In this meeting a dialogue took place between them. 

"The dialogue didn’t take long but it was very strong and effective. I heard from my friend, who invited me to satsang, that John David lost his luggage during the flight. When I had a chance to talk to him, I just wanted to make some kind of connection to him, and show my sympathy, so I asked him: 'By the way, have you found your luggage?' His answer was: 'Yes, thank you, I found my luggage, but let me ask you something too. Are you ready to lose your luggage?'

I understood the question immediately, and also his meaning behind, so I said passionately and without hesitation, firmly and strong:  'Yes, I am ready to lose it, therefore I am here!'

This short conversation was enough to bring about this experience. This dialogue was enough to wake me up, to guide me to another state."

After this, Ajiit experienced a very strong energetic phenomenon through all his body. As an effect of this meeting also, later that night he had a very clear vision of the Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi. Ajiit had never seen or heard of Ramana Maharshi before.  “It is hard to talk about this experience which looks like chronosthesia. It had been almost impossible for me to associate myself with this kind of phenomena until I experienced it that night coming from the satsang. I couldn’t sleep. Most of the night I was sitting quietly, with closed eyes but absolutely aware. I found myself many times in the state of samadhi. For some moment I didn’t have any sense of space, where I am. Suddenly I found myself in a very old room with bamboo roof with one simple lamp, amongst many Indian people. In a moment, they brought in a big chair which almost looked like a bed, with an old man sitting on it. It was clear that he was very weak and he couldn’t walk. With his head falling forward to his chest, he was looking at the people in a loving way. There was a very strong wave of silence in the room. This experience deeply affected me, and occupied me a lot after that, but for some time I couldn’t figure out how it is related to my state. Until later, when I saw similar photos of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi in the same condition, I understood. Even more later on when I visited his ashram in India, I recognized the place immediately, as I saw the details very clearly and exactly that night." The deep connection with Bhagavan made Ajiit a devotee of Ramana. Since then he visits the sage's ashram every year. The energetic explosion or Big Bang –  as Ajiit called it later – in his mind and body continued for several weeks after the meeting. He experienced as different parts of his mind and personality underwent a dramatic and irreversible change. He knew that he was not the same anymore. For almost three years he gave up all his activities and spent his time mostly alone, sitting quietly and observing the transformation of his body and mind, living life from one day to another.   After a few years he returned to society but in a very different way. He started to travel to India regularly, to the ashram of Ramana Maharshi in Tiruvannamalai. In 2011 he met a Hungarian friend there who invited Ajiit to Budapest, Hungary. From that time he started giving Satsang meetings and retreats on a regular base. In 2012 by the support of this friend and other new friends, Ajiit established the community of Mauna House in Hungary. Since that time all his activities take place in Hungary.

Spiritual Work

In his guiding method Ajiit uses all his previous knowledge and experience to make his pointing as simple, practical and easy to understand for everyone as possible.

His work is manifested at two different levels: personal development and Self development. 

As he started his meetings with people who came to him with the desire to hear about Truth, he found that it is difficult for most to follow the pointings to the divine nature of man directly. He understood that the mind of the seekers must be mature and prepared for self inquiry first, otherwise the mind remains too involved with its own personal stories and dramas to even hear the Truth. He also recognized that certain issues must be solved and transformed on the personal level in order to live a balanced and healthy life, as this is also the foundation for Self development and spiritual growth. Therefore he needed a method, by which people who come to him, can get to know themselves better and become free from many physical, mental and emotional difficulties that block their way on the journey towards the Self. ​


Community of Mauna House

The main focus of Ajiit’s guidance is the emphasis on the art of conscious living and the importance of a healthy, natural environment for our physical, mental and emotional transformation and stability. Intellectual understanding in itself is not enough, Self-development and spirituality need to be manifested in our everyday actions and decisions. For this purpose he created a center for Holistic Living and Self-Discovery, in the beautiful countryside near the lake Balaton in Hungary. Mauna House is home to the community of friends who wish to lead a conscious lifestyle in harmony with the natural environment.       Read more about Mauna House >>

JIAIDO Movement Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful tool to quieten the mind and bring the attention to the present moment. However, sitting still and meditate in our fast paced world can be a challenge if the mind is not trained for it. To make the practice easier and bring the mind into the state of stillness, the body also needs to get involved in a dynamic way. So Ajiit took his 28 years experience in martial arts and his education in psychotherapy and acupuncture  and combined it with his insight and wisdom of life to create a system of movement meditation, which he called JIAIDO. The term JIAIDO consists of three Japanese kanjis meaning the path to love one Self, the Self that is universal and exists beyond the limitations of the personality. The aim of JIAIDO is to achieve physical, mental and emotional stability and balance by transforming the functioning of the brain. JIAIDO is based on the idea that through conscious practice people are able to develop their own personal abilities and come beyond mental and emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety. A balanced personality is necessary for a harmonious and healthy life and it is also the foundation to start the spiritual journey of Self-discovery.  Read more about JIAIDO >>

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