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One Week Intensive Retreat with Ajiit Tiruvannamalai, India

20-26 January, 2025
3-9 March, 2025

“Are you ready to drop everything that you think you have or you are?"

This message may sound scary but it is the most direct and ultimate pointing to a necessary state that exists in every spiritual path and tradition. 

The real state of surrender is basically invisible.


In this state one has no interest and desire to keep his identification to his own external and internal world. The external world is related to the material and personal relations with the society and the environment, while the internal includes one’s concepts, knowledge, beliefs and even his own self image.


It can be described as coming to the end of the world. 

The state of surrender is almost overlapping with the state of freedom, which the Sufi tradition calls Fana and Buddhism calls Nirvana.

During the one week intensive retreat Ajiit will guide those who are really serious and eager

to discover their true nature to this state of surrender. 


"I am not promising you peace and love during the retreat,
but I will help you remove the obstacles which do not allow you to see who you are."

What do you need to attend?

Basically, you don't need intellectual or spiritual knowledge of any spiritual path.

In fact, it is great support if you can leave all your knowledge and intellectual mind aside for at least one week.


What really helps you in this short time to get the most benefit is to be honest, to be brave and

have common sense and an open mind. 

Principles of the retreat 

The retreat is intensive individual and group work with Ajiit, therefore it is important to keep the integrity and focus of the whole group and not to disturb it by organizing individual programs for yourself. The retreat is dedicated to come closer and eventually discover your true nature, so it requires your full attention and participation physically, mentally and emotionally as well. Please avoid using the free time for unnecessary conversation out of retreat environment and please remain inactive and silent also in the form of cyber communication. t is designed to come out from the personal routine and habits, including the tendency of following the suggestions of the mind. Therefore we kindly ask you to follow the guidelines and discipline of the retreat, for the entire time of your stay.

Please note, that the retreat organizers can ask you to leave the program without any refund, if you cannot or will not follow the regulations of the retreat. 

Practical information

Number of participants

Ajiit works intensively with a small group so there are only 8 places available

The retreat will take place in the South of India, at the feet of the holy mountain of Arunachala, in Tiruvannamalai,

near Ramana Maharshi’s Ashram.

Price of the retreat

650 € + flight ticket + insurance + visa

Early Bird discount: 600  instead of 650 €, in case of signing up till July 30.

The fee includes

  • the program of the retreat

  • accommodation

  • 3 vegetarian meals per day

  • transfer from and to airport

The fee does not include

  • any individual transport (using riksha in Tiruvannamalai)

  • drinks and water outside the common meals

  • extra programs outside the retreat program


During the retreat we stay in Tiruvannamalai. The programs will take place in the facility of the accomodation.


Single or double rooms with bathroom. Single rooms have extra charge.


We prepare our delicious vegetarian meals together. Cooking and taking care of our retreat place is part of the program, part of the service that we do for our inner development. 

Signing up

The deadline for signing up is 1 November, 2024

At this time we kindly ask you to pay 50% of the retreat price. The rest of the money needs to be paid the latest 6 weeks before the start of the retreat. 


After registration you need to participate in an online interview with the organizer of the retreat.

For more information and registration please contact Pariya: 


phone: +36 20275 5635

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